Destructive innovation from Aqua City

Contributing to the development of Aqua City and other communities


  1. By developing the business which causes a disruptive innovation from our city, Aqua City, we prosper and contribute to the society in the city and other regions.
  2. We set out and develop the prospective business which has an incomparable, revolutionary or unique business model.
  3. We acquire high ethics, experience and knowledge and build a rich life as well as administer to the business.

Let's innovate.

Launch and develop groundbreaking or unique business models.

Business Units

We are mainly engaged in 4 businesses: "TIS (Travel Information Service) business", "IT research and development business", "directly managed parking lot business", and "management consulting business".

Let's go strategically.

Identify trends and walk one step ahead.


We want passionate workers who aim to change the society by using the knowledge, experience or technology they acquired.

Let's be creative.

Shape your inspiration.